FIRST OF ALL: this is not the absolute percentage the instruments have performed this year, the chart intension below is NOT to illustrate that (start day used is 5.1.2016 to 17.6.2016 and calculated on close value. That is, this is not year-to-date performance, only market breadth for the DAX index)! The purpose is to look at how the DAX30 underlying instruments has performed compared to the index itself.

As you can see, there are 12 stocks in the DAX index that has performed worse than the index itself this year (DAX marked with a white bar in the chart).

This chart will function as the base of the upcoming publications, where we start measuring market breadth on a daily basis. ..or to be more precise; we want to monitor the change in market breadth. That is, are there signs that the stocks performing better than DAX is losing its momentum or the ones that performs very bad starts to show signs of a new life.

This information should be useful when we make decisions when to sell and when to buy.

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