I misjudged the range yesterday, I didn’t expect 1380 to be taken out that fast. The good news, both short and mid term trend is now bullish. The bad news is, well.., that it makes me suspicious when all the big leaders come out at once, promise that they’ll do anything to save the Euro and all what that means. This especially when some of the biggest countries in trouble just prohibit short selling on certain stocks. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it..?

We had a huge accumulation day yesterday with a tick close at >700 and a very low trin. We should see more on the upside unless some really bad news from Spain, Italy.. is released under next week.

DAX has now basically gained back the 2 day drop in just 2 days. Futures closed even higher, close to the upper channel line drawn below. Next we should see smaller + days and/or range trading.


I’ll post shorter time frames later and what to expect from the next 1-2 trading days.

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