Alright – a short post about next week. I’ll skip last week recap since not much of interest, SPX + close with new highs etc.
A fast study of momentum & market breadth doesn’t show anything negative rising on the horizon as I noticed. SPX price action, well not much of interest but IWM reminds me very much of a rounded top building up. Next 4-5weeks will / could be interesting..

 Price action ok, that volume pattern is something new though..

Weekly IWM and what is in my eyes b-e-a-r-i-s-h.

Daily IWM

 15min SPY, was that a false break-out? Notice the larger down volume last friday. I’m guessing on pullback at beginning of the week

Lastly, NDX is opening up for trading @ 09.00 from now on! Good news for you DAX traders!

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