I will not post an update today EOD but here some quick thoughts. The bearish 15min seen yesterday had no follow through today. It was a nice setup though, almost too bad it didn’t play out 🙂

No update today EOD, the reasons are two; I can not see any edges and I’m too tired to concentrate on the data. Below 1h SPY & VXO charts. 1h SPY shows some weakness but it is mostly due to yesterday bear build up. VXO is still in play but the pattern reminds more of more down than more up at the moment (i.e. less volatility and bullish stock market).

I’m clueless at the moment what next, I’ll try to dig something up in the morning and post if I find anything of importance. GL!

EDIT: here 15min SPY chart, triangle pattern but no idea which way it will go though..

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