Last week was yet another week in green. For SPX, I would set support @ weekly MA(5) ~2055 and 2020/2000.
I haven’t studied volume charts but below some focus on breadth. Week 51 will be options expiration week and I’m guesstimating that week 50 will be sideways or slightly down, although the overall trend is up on both short, medium and long term. Heads up if we close below 2025-area.

NYUD putting up a possible negative divergence

TICK slightly bearish

NYMO been dropping for the last weeks, large negative divergence

NYAD indecision

NYSI close to rolling over

VIX is low but still ~10% to the lows for this year

DAX Thursday & Friday price action is quite interesting. Support @ 9800-ish area.

DAX 3 weeks green – 2 weeks range – 3 weeks green. Range or red week up next?
NYSI weekly cycle “complete”

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